Shawnee Garlic Festival

PotterWell I can’t get out. The weather is as gloomy as can be anyway.
Here are a few pictures from a recent Garlic Festival that I didn’t have a chance to put up yet. Shawnee, Pennsylvania has this event every year, this year it was on Labor Day weekend. If you like garlic, a lot, this is a great festival to go to. I doubt it rivals Gilroy, California, the Garlic Capital of the World, but it’s a fun event to see what the local growers and craftsmen are up to. A nice lady with a cool garlic hat let me take her picture and the craftsmen were wonderful to watch, and they made beautiful works of art. We bought garlic vinegar and it was very good. The pig looked really good too but I didn’t get a chance to verify this.








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      1. Too much of it in too little space and too much accompanied by its cousin, ‘cold’. Other than that, great! 🙂

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