Will Jesus Find Faith On The Earth When He Returns?

Dead-Tree-PosterLook at this tree. Do you relate to it? Are you thirsty and feel like you’re dying to hear the Word of Christ? It’s a great picture of the current state of Christian Church, or at least the true Christian.

Jesus asked if He would find faith (in Him) on the earth. We must ask it too. Maybe it was rhetorical. Maybe the answer is yes and no. He has told us nothing will destroy His church, but He also told us many would apostatize.
How could that happen?

I blame the pastors.
The “Johnny Carson Pastors”, the celebrity pastors, the clownish pastors, the lying pastors, the magical pastors, the snake oil pastors.
No one is called to follow a pastor. We’re called to follow Christ. But these pastors encourage their own worship. These pastors preach themselves, they preach how to fix your life with all kinds of phony “how-to’s” and promises of power over all of your domain, many preach Israel instead of Jesus, many preach social justice instead of Jesus. They are fools and tools of the devil and fools follow them, giving them all of their money while buying their heretical books.
Their sermons have no ability to give or increase faith. They’re more vacuous than fish wrap.

A pastor is not called by Christ to motivate you, renovate your life, be all that you can be, or make you positive and/or happy, or rebuild the temple in Jerusalem. He’s not called to whoop the people up into mindless babbling, or to use ridiculous gimmicks like “repeat after me” or “can I get an Amen” a zillion times. He is called to preach the forgiveness of sins for Christ’s sake, thus saving you from eternal death. He’s called to expound ALL of what Christ has said. He’s not called to turn portions of God’s Word into clichés. Even in supposedly orthodox churches with supposedly orthodox pastors, they’re knee deep in selfie-ism. “Can-Do-ism” is preached, an ancient heresy that keeps metastasizing, mutating into new more virulent strains of self-absorbed eternal death. Even my own synod has succumbed to this crap. It would be good if the seminaries would do a better job at examining ministers before they inflict them on us, too often they’re sending out crap. Some how they think we, the people of Christ, should settle for this nonsense. But that doesn’t match Scripture. The Word of Christ tells us what we hear had better match Scripture or we shouldn’t let these people into our homes, much less our churches.
Oh, and by the way, did you know that the essence of Christ’s teaching was money? Yeah, really. Baptism is about money, the Lord’s Supper is about money, all of Scripture is about money. The welfare queens, wearing their collars, receiving and accepting worship that belongs to God alone, have the secret knowledge, and they know it’s all about money. Jesus only taught about money. Now you know.
These pastors are killing us. They prevent those that are entering the kingdom from going in. They suffocate those that believe and scatter the sheep of Christ’s pasture. They’re wicked shepherds that will rue the day Christ returns.

It would be so easy to advise one to find a better church. But what if there isn’t one? What if every church in your area is one form of gnosticism or another?
What then?

Does this post sound angry? It is!
Instead ask, why more Christians aren’t angry at the crap that is smothering us every Sunday? Why do they not compare what they hear to what Scripture says? Do they care? Are they just fulfilling an obligation? Do they think they’re getting brownie points with God? Is it just a habit? Do they just use it for networking and personal gain?

Believers are gasping for air as we’re smothered to dead in narcissistic carp.
Instead we get pastors that put on their robes like costumes for “their” stage and then it’s SHOWTIME! Their showtime, Jesus has been pushed aside, and soon to be put out altogether.

Jesus will return soon and then they will finally shut up!
May Christ have mercy on us all, especially these ministers, and their seminaries and synods that create this evil and prop them up, circling the wagons and never question their fellow pastors as to why they feed their people this poisonous Christless crap.

Here are some really good examples of faithful Christian Sermons. Thank God for faithful ministers:
Traitors In The Vineyard
Take What Belongs to You!
Discipleship’s Burden

“We look for the Resurrection of the Dead and the life of the world to come.” We will be relieved of the suffering of the age one day when Christ returns.
It will be a good day.



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