The Truth About Bears And Beer


Everyone knows that bears love picnic baskets, we’ve all seen the pictures. But a little known fact about bears is that they really love beer as well. Well who can blame them, it’s really good. They know that beer is a nutritious drink, the government has it at the top of their food pyramid along with chocolate. Well, we all know the government knows what it’s talking about, we’ve seen their Congressional Hearings. Right? Don’t disagree or the FBI will be at your door before you can say “Pour me another one, Sam.”
In any case some bears are worse than others, which is why Panda Bears tip over so easily. They’re usually drunk and they don’t really eat bamboo, they just use bamboo stems as straws.

Here we see that you can always have too much of a good thing. These bears have humiliated themselves. It may be holiday time, and everyone’s in a forgiving mood, but do you really think anyone is going to invite them over again next year? And never believe their claims that they’ll never do it again. Besides being notorious  drunks and thieves, bears are also notorious liars. They simply have no shame. And that dreaded ‘morning after’ never seems to deter them. But they do have good taste, notice that’s ‘Really Good Beer’ they’re drinking.


It’s generally hard to photograph bears this close in their natural habitat.
I was really lucky that holiday weekend.

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