The Strangling Problem Explained


Yes, we all know that you would like to wring the necks of at least a half a dozen people, especially our esteemed ‘public servants’, but this really isn’t good policy. For one thing, they probably have at least one person in their lives that actually likes them, and strangling them would get that person upset and they would come after you. Another reason is that it could cause or worsen carpel tunnel syndrome and that’s very painful. Another reason is that it’s illegal and they’ll probably put you in jail and maybe even execute you, and executions sometimes get botched up and that would hurt you too. 

So you see, there can be repercussions to this satisfying practice. While it is difficult to reason with some people, we simply must put forth a greater effort. At the very least, if our efforts prove successful, we could improve conditions on the road. While we have no hope whatsoever of improving such monstrosities as our governing bodies, we have no visions of grandeur there, it is quite possible that we could get people to understand that a road sign such as one that has the letters ‘S-T-O-P’ on it, does in fact, mean a lack of movement. This could prove to be quite a challenge, but we’re Americans, we pull ourselves up by our bootstraps a dozen times before breakfast, no matter what AOC says.

Now when it comes to our elected overlords, it’s best to kick the bums out of office in the next election, although maybe, not quite so literally, and Term Limits would certainly be a big help.


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