What Do Turkeys Talk About?

Talking-Turkeys-T-ShirtsTurkeys make a lot of noise, but is that all that it is…noise? It sounds the same to us, but is it all the same to them?
They seem to follow a leader, much like humans do. If the leader is good and can get them over the river and through the woods safely, they’ll be okay. If the leader is bad, or stupid, or both, they’re screwed.

Stupid leaders, human or fowl, can get their followers killed. Why, we’re experiencing that right now, aren’t we? And amazingly, that’s exactly what these turkeys are concerned about.
Some leaders come out of nowhere, have no skills whatsoever, no clue about anything, nothing but disdain for little hoi polloi, but have a huge thirst for power. So why would anyone follow a leader like this? A sane person would ask such a question. Yet it has happened a zillion times over down through history.

So the poor little turkeys are understandably concerned. They know the holidays are approaching and their chances for survival are dwindling. And yet, they still follow their leader. It’s a strange phenomena. Their leader has no concern for them, no concern whether they live or die. And it’s as if he thinks he’ll survive Thanksgiving Day. That old demigod syndrome is strong in some leaders.
In any case we see here a small snapshot of the inner conversation of turkeys and the correct translation of all of that gobbling.

Thanksgiving-Day-GiftsTurkeys, like us, have an innate Fear-O-Meter. When we have bad leaders we know for certain that our time is short, and we are probably doomed. And as long as we’re distracted by all of our little toys and gadgets we waltz along to our destruction. Like today. Turkeys have no other idea in their heads either. After all, the fact that they taste really good has not escaped their notice. In spite of this, they follow their leader right on to our dinner tables.
Besides tasting good and making a very satisfying meal for us, our turkey dinners have another wonderful benefit for us, (although not for the turkeys): they really tick off PETA.

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