Seasons Change, Governments Change, Everything Changes

Buttermilk-Falls-BridgeBridge at Buttermilk Falls.

Nothing stays the same, especially the seasons. Fall seems to be most people’s favorite season. Well, it certainly is the most beautiful in some areas. In my state the colors are just great, but it has been dry, until tonight. I haven’t been to get a colorful shot of waterfalls with water running. But we are in a deluge right now so maybe, just maybe there will be some gushing waters come Friday. But I wouldn’t bet the house on it.
But the seasons always change, just like the weather, and the climate it’s always changing. This tends to make some people who have too much time on their hands nuts, but it’s true, and no one can effect it. So people should stop making Al Gore richer and nuttier than he already is.
People change. Governments change. Nothing stays the same. Intelligence changes too. Just consider this: despite the fact that some politicians promise you the sun, moon and stars, and of course can not deliver, since they’re not God, people still fall for their insane claims, year after year. Even when they actually hurt you, certain people will still support them and call you vile names if you don’t. Intelligence has deviated downward as if being pulled by a supersonic magnetic force.
Fall signals the coming death of the seasons. It looks like the breath is being sucked out of summer. The odious White Witch casts an evil spell and turns all of the gorgeous leaves into sticks.
Fall also signals the coming elections. I don’t know which is worse the White Witch or the politicians. It’s really a toss-up. But the elections do prove once again that national intelligence is changing. For two consecutive election cycles, the majority of those that voted, voted for someone who claimed he could stop the oceans from rising and heal the earth. Who do you think is crazier, the narcissistic demigod that spewed forth this idiot nonsense, or the “gimmes” that believed him and voted for him TWICE?
Listening to some people tell you about their “reality” is like literally hearing someone’s brain matter getting sucked out of their heads right before your eyes. Watching the death of the American Experiment, the American Republic, is a dreadful sight. Watching a free people willingly turn themselves into a nation of “gimmes”, signals the winter of another totalitarian regime. People today think they have a right to live off of their neighbor. Fear of Big Brother keeps all silent. But those that loved the Summer of freedom and liberty had better buck up and call the thing what it is. It’s called stealing, it’s evil, it’s real, and it’s here, and it’s government policy. The death of the American Republic happened from within, and it’s ugly, and will get worse, and never go back, it will stay dead. It’s Orwell’s “Animal Farm” for real (a really good, insightful read for anyone that’s interested).
At least the blazing death of Summer is a glory to behold.

Delaware Water Gap from the New Jersey side.

Delaware-Water-GapBig Boulder Lake in the early evening.

Big-Boulder-Lake-2Hickory Run State Park.

Hickory-Run-2 Hickory-Run-3 Hickory-Run-Ferns Hickory-Run-RocksAustralia-Rock
Hawk Falls, in Hickory Run, looks more like Hawk Drips.
Hawk-FallsRaymond Falls was dripping too. But I haven’t seen it since the deluge.
Raymond-FallsAustin Blakesley Preserve.
AB-Water-Pattern Austin-BlaksleyMauch Chunk Lake in Jim Thorpe.
Mauch-Chunk-Lake-1 Mauch-Chunk-Lake-2Resica Falls finally got some water after the deluge, not a lot but more than before, unfortunately the leaves are almost gone. I just can’t get both this year. Oh wait, maybe Al Gore has the answer.


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