Outsourced In America

Outsourced-In-America-CardThe Little Piggy loved his family, loved his country, and had a good job. But times have changed.
The Official American Pig has been outsourced.
Yes, that’s right. That’s what I said, the Official American Pig has been outsourced. This poor little capitalist pig, is crying all the way home to tell his family, that an Indian Pig has taken his job.
Oh no! Oh have mercy! Why? Why?
Because the Big Bad Wolf, that now runs the world, and has allegiance to nothing but money and making more of it, sent the poor Little Piggy’s job to India. And the Big Bad Wolf couldn’t care less about the poor little pig’s tears. What will he tell his family now?
He was so skilled. He conducted himself with such expertise.
He got the better education that his country required. For years he learned all of the intricate techniques of being the Official American Pig. No one could wave the flag like him. He was a trained professional. He could even wave two at once, that’s high level expertise. And he could take all of the abuse, the name calling, with complete professionalism… “you American Pig, you Capitalist Pi-i-e-i-e-i-g! Spethh. I spit on you!” He was proud to take those horrid gobs that covered him for his country’s sake. He wore them like a dignitary’s robe. He was like a king in his coat of many colors. Yes, that’s right…he was a stinkin’ American Pig.
But the Big Bad Wolf doesn’t like the Little Piggy anymore.
He used to like him. The Little Piggy, and his friend that went to market with him, helped make the Big Bad Wolf what he is today. At one time he was just a plain old bad wolf. But now, because of the Little Piggy and his market buddy, he’s a Big Bad Wolf. Is he thankful? Does he express gratitude? No! No he doesn’t. As a matter of fact, he thinks he pays way too much for the Little Piggy.
The Big Bad Wolf doesn’t think he owes him a job at all.
The Big Bad Wolf thinks the Little Piggy is lucky that he doesn’t just eat him for dinner (but he’ll get to that in time).
So now, the global market place has replaced the Little Piggy’s neighborhood market. Globalization has infected his workplace like some funked up bacteria and there seems to be no antibiotic that will kill it. No cure at all. No super-duper drug to be found. The cursed H1B virus is sucking the very life out of all of the little piggies. (Many believe the Big Bad Wolf had the C.I.A. purposely inject it into unsuspecting little pigs. While that allegation is widely believed, it is hard to prove.)
“It’s worldwide, it’s contagious,” the poor Little Piggy screamed to his family. “Everyone has caught it. We have to run…RUN!” But there really is nowhere to run to. We have become one big global tower of Babel, all joined together to make a great name for ourselves, and yet…hating our own.
The Little Piggy seriously regrets working for the Big Bad Wolf now. He seriously regrets giving him the benefit of the doubt, he knew about his bad history, his bad reputation. He knew how the Big Bad Wolf blew apart many other piggy communities and ate his little friends as a gourmet meal. (Everyone knows that any meal tastes better if it’s dripping in bacon.)
But he chose to ignore the warning signs, and he sold his soul to the Big Bad Wolf. “Why can’t they wave their own flags,” he wonders, “why do they have to wave my flag?”
The poor Little Piggy is very sad.
Now what will the Little Piggy do? He doesn’t want to die…not yet! He had so much more to give. But now, since the foreign piggies have taken his flag, the poor Little Piggy knows he can’t go to market any longer and he knows now, sadly, that there will be no more roast beef. He’ll have to go into hiding.
Because now…now…he’s going to become someone’s bacon. Someone’s breakfast. He has been fattened for the kill.
And he knows how tasty he looks to the marketeers.
He’s what’s for dinner.
After all, what good is an American Pig with no job?
No good at all.
Might as well eat him.

We are all pawns of the ruling class. It crosses party lines. It is a blend of government and corporatists, or some form of Fascism if you prefer, or the Big Bad Wolf as described in the story. They have great power and the average person is of no concern to them. Obama is a prime example of this. Too many fell for the lie that he was against it. But you would have to be deaf, dumb, and blind to not see and understand him today to be in league with them as many before him were.
Unfortunately for them there is also a greater power behind their throne. And they too are only pawns. That power is very evil and hates all of God’s creation. But their time is short. It has an expiration date. When regret comes it will be too late.
One day they will give an account for the harm they have done to their fellow man and for their hatred of their Creator.




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    1. Thank You. I wrote this for my husband when he was outsourced. My Democrat governor gave our taxpayer money to many companies to keep jobs here in state. They took our money and sent the jobs to India anyway and replaced the rest with H1B Replacement workers. Totally illegal but no penalty. Fired Americans for cheap labor. We paid at the front end and the back end. Bill Gates did this in spades as he called for unlimited H1Bs on Capitol Hill. Humanitarian?

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