Graffiti, Wall Art, and Political Expression

Coal-Miner-Wall-Art-4Very few things stay uncovered. We like to cover things up. Plain walls get decorated with art, both inside and out. Sometimes it’s just graffiti, but at times it looks better that what was underneath; decay. Sometimes it’s just a political statement. Some agree and some get mad. In this case obviously I agree.
We wear clothes for the same reason, to cover up. Especially as one gets older. The mirror used to like us, too soon it becomes demonic for everyone.
Here are some cool pieces of art I’ve found recently.
Coal inning history was explained in Pittston, along with the Mona Lisa. There was a cool smoke shop in Mt. Pocono that had wall art that looked like Jack Nicholson. Stroudsburg covered up new construction, at least I hope it’s new construction, with cool art by different artists and sponsored by local businesses. And then there’s the usual kind that kids put on abandoned buildings, and I’ve added one of my cartoons to the vacant fence, it looked like they missed a spot. I thought it fit right in.

I can’t help but see everywhere the fingerprints of our Creator, even in graffiti. Since we’ve basically fallen into the decay of sin, we hide, we cover up our actions and innate thoughts. We make excuses for everything. We just can’t help ourselves, it’s what we do.
But when Christ came into the world to pay for our sins, He covered over our guilt and condemnation. Atonement comes from the words to cover over. But He did more than just cover over our condemnation, He removed it and He gave us eternal life.

The wall art gives the facade of beauty but sometimes it gives the promise of renewal. Having been given forgiveness of sins, we wait for the resurrection of the dead when Christ returns, and all sense of sin is gone.
In 1John 3:2 the apostle said:
“Beloved, now we are children of God, and it has not appeared as yet what we will be. We know that when He appears, we will be like Him, because we will see Him just as He is.”
This is our blessed hope.

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Coal-Miner-Wall-Art-1 Coal-Miner-Wall-Art-2 Coal-Miner-Wall-Art-3
Stroudsburg-Wall-Art-1 Stroudsburg-Wall-Art-2 Stroudsburg-Wall-Art-3 Stroudsburg-Wall-Art-4
Graffiti-Bridge Graffiti-Rock Mona-Lisa-Wall-Art Motel-Graffiti-2 Motel-Graffiti Obama Garbage

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