Be Like Sheep

What-Sheep-WantI never knew that sheep had such elaborate conversations. I never knew that what they want is what we all want: cake!
Did you know this?
It is a Constitutional Right. It’s in one of those amendments. Everybody gets cake! It’s in there, just start reading it, you’ll find it.

Everybody gets cake! Everybody wants cake. Pie is good too. But cake is usually chocolate.
It’s understandable that it’s a Right, since it is one of the main food groups.
We all know it’s good for us. How do you feel after a luscious piece of chocolate cake? You feel great, right? Some people even have a kind of high.
See. How could it be bad if you feel so darn good?

These sheep are a lot smarter than they look and a lot smarter than most people thought. As a matter of fact, sheep have a real bad reputation for being amazingly stupid. Well, apparently that’s all wrong.
It’s a good thing I was able to document this for our posterity. It’s good to be able to prove our premises.

These sheep had a goal, they knew what they wanted, they came up with a plan, and executed it. And now they’re happy. Cake makes sheep and humans happy. That’s common knowledge.
Many people pay a lot of money to motivational speakers to get them to do just that. They could save a lot of money and just eat cake and they would feel great about themselves. And we sure do want to feel good about ourselves don’t we?
Some people even have a practice of not hanging around anyone who’s negative. So, as long as your happy about dying of cancer or being in a car wreck or watching the country go to hell, they’ll be your friend.
Twitter is full of people who spend their whole time telling us many different ways to be positive. So it must be important. Here’s my suggestion:
We should all just eat more cake.

*Disclaimer: Actually I was up at Quiet Valley again for these photographs, but these shots just seemed to need text. And can anyone actually prove that sheep don’t like cake? Hmmm….?

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