The Socialists Are Coming To Town

Socialists-Coming-CardWell they came, they’re here, and it’s far worse than we thought it would be. Although anyone that could read the news, read his books, listen to his interviews before he was elected, or paid the slightest attention at all would have know what was coming. Rush Limbaugh was criticized for hoping he’d fail. Well he didn’t fail. And our worse fears are realized.


He said he would stop the seas from rising. We should have known from such an arrogant statement that this was not going to end well. But too many people know nothing but celebrities and the need to be happy and positive. A critical thought does not fit into that kind of mindset.

Today we see writ large the fruit of voting for a man who speaks with vitriol of America and it’s the Constitution, as well as half the citizens of the country. We must admit now, we voted for a man filled with hate. He was raised in the lap of luxury and privilege and yet resents everyone. Even his supporters must admit he has no concern about them either.
Socialists-Coming-T-ShirtHe has empowered every thug in America and around the world. They may all look different but they have one common thread: they have extreme hate for their neighbors. We are told they have been put upon and the rest of the people are evil for not understanding their criminality. That’s completely wrong!

But now we’re stuck.
Can it be fixed?
As long as the people are being trained in ignorance, and they are, we are so screwed! Let’s face it, too many live in their own reality and can not string enough coherent words together to form a concept of import. Most today just want free stuff and they don’t care how they get it. The socialist agenda has taken over our schools and teachers. We are so screwed!

So with that said, allow me a little levity as we collapse in on ourselves.
Here is my submission for a new National Anthem. It’s sung to the tune of Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.

Socialists-Coming-AnthemYou better watch out,
You better not sob,
Abandon all hope,
They’ve killed all the jobs,
The Socialists are coming to town.

They’ve got lot’s of lists,
Checked WAAYYY more than twice,
Cooperate now or you’ll pay the price,
The Socialists are coming to town.

They see you when you’re sleeping,
They track you when you wake,
They trace you on the internet,
And care for you they fake.

Oh! There’s no where to run,
There’s no where to hide,
They rationed the food,
And set the day that you die,
The Socialists HAVE COME TO TOWN.
Oh yeah, the Socialists

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