Civil War Weekend At Eckley Miners’ Village

Eckley-Confederates-3Eckley Miners’ Village is a terrific place to visit any time of year. I love it and go there often. Last weekend was Civil War Weekend. The participants are the best. They stopped and posed for the photographers and even express concern over moving too much and ruining the picture, and posed again. They were wonderful.
Unfortunately my timing was off and I missed the skirmish. But I did get some shots of preparation for war.
The musicians loved playing for you and really got into the characters of the era. I really admire people who have no fear of being in front of crowds. Not me! My husband calls me the origin scaredy-cat. That might be a bit extreme, but just a bit. These folks waited while I tried different settings, which I greatly appreciated.
I’ve added some of the shots from last year as well since I didn’t have this site at the time and they came out pretty good. The corporal you see here, was a real historian. He instructed us in detail about the events, the weapons, and the times in general. If I knew that was going to happen I would have brought a pen and paper. We learned so much.
The folks that take part in these re-enactments don’t just do dress up. They’re extremely knowledgeable about history and their roles and willing to tell all who will listen. As we all know from watching the comedians do the “man on the street” questions, not only are people ignorant of important matters today but know nothing about the past and few want to know. I do fear what will happen when all the people who want to tell of the past horrors and glories are gone. When all that we have left is ourselves and our little gadgets we’ll be a pushover for any power that desires to dominate us.
If we don’t learn from the past we’ll be doomed to repeat it. There’s lot’s of variations of that statement, so maybe there’s truth in it.
There’s a small part of our past in Eckley Miners’ Village and a great place to help your children develop a love of history.
Soon Fall will be here and it’s beautiful when all of the colors change.
Here’s the link to Eckley Miners’ Village website.

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  1. You captured the moment very well! Love the portraits posted here. History should not be forgotten, and true what you stated – “If we don’t learn from the past we’ll be doomed to repeat it.”

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