The Story of the Socialist Squirrel


There once was an old man, retired, with not too many interests. He played cards everyday, solitaire mostly. Sometimes he played rummy, but he usually cheated so it was difficult to get anyone to play with him. He’d go to the supermarket regularly and talk to ‘his girlfriends’.
He was convinced they loved him. Sometimes he would visit his former workplace. He really missed it. And he fed a squirrel.

The squirrel lived in a tree outside the back door. The old man took note of him one day and put cookie crumbs outside for him. Well, as you might expect, the squirrel gobbled them up in short order. So the old man put cookies out for the squirrel everyday. He liked to see the squirrel respond to him. It made him feel good about himself. He’d made a friend…so he thought.

One day for some unknown reason the man forgot to put the prescribed delicacy out for his little friend at the proper time. And in the kitchen, while he was engaged in a conversation with his daughter, there suddenly came an awful bellow. With its arms sprawled out across the window, the squirrel was actually shrieking into the kitchen. 

Startled, the man and his daughter looked at him and back at each other. Apparently the squirrel had become quite accustomed to this particular diet and his ‘butler’ was somewhat late with the goods. When his impatience got the better of him, he let his servant know of his extreme displeasure. Both the man and his daughter thought it was probably a bad idea to make this poor creature dependent on him. So the cookies handouts ought to go away. But who knew, how pushy squirrels could be.

Moral of the story: Squirrels, just like human beings, naturally know how to take care of themselves, until some messianic figure or government makes them dependent on their supposed generosity.

Beggar-Goose-CardNow this is a problem for many in the animal kingdom. Here’s a hostile goose pulling the same pushy nonsense as the squirrel. Out of the kindness of our hearts we gave him bread and what do we get? Thanks? Oh no! Now he demanded more bread from us. This guy chased us down, got in our face, made a freakin’ racket until he got more bread.

It’s the same problem we have in the country today. We have too many of our neighbors demanding goods and services that they did not earn. Half the country is supporting the other half today. We have people invading our country demanding their ‘rights’. It’s funny in animals, it’s not funny in humans. We should call it what it is, it’s stealing. Whether you rob someone directly or get the government to do it for you it’s still stealing.
It’s one thing to hit a bump in the road and need the assistance of society to get back up, it’s quite another to set up shop there and demand to be cared for perpetually.
Socialism is based on stealing the fruits of your neighbor’s labor. We can dress it up with any language we want, but it’s still stealing.

As Lady Margaret Thatcher once famously said “Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They always run out of other people’s money.”

*Many moons ago the squirrel incident really did happen. I wish I had a camera then but since I didn’t the cartoon of the little beggar has sufficed.

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