Living Historical Farm Shows Off Their Heritage

Pig-SleepingQuiet Valley is a terrific historical farm located in North East Pennsylvania, and it’s a real throw back to the 1800’s. They have numerous special days through the year and last weekend they celebrated Heritage Craft Day. They had guides in period clothing, lot’s of animals, terrific old buildings, and they teach a lot of the activities that went on in the past. There were women baking bread out in the open and it was quite good. One crafter was carving gourds with precision. And there were many other lessons to learn. I even ran into some acquaintances that took part in these events.

Attack-Geese-1One thing that was particularly interesting to me was the security patrol. There were three beautiful gray geese that had free run of the place and anything that disturbed them they had no trouble at all attacking. They were literally attack geese! One thing that really ruffled their feathers was having their picture taken, they would be eating away and their commandant spots a camera, pops it’s head up, gives the photographer the evil eye and charges them, the other two obediently follow. I saw them do this to another visitor and kept snapping away. Then they spotted me and charged. I kept running backwards as it was charging so the photos were a bit blurry, but here’s the last one when this biting machine was right in my face, then I got the heck out of there. One of the guides told us they even nip them. They’re pushy, but cute, so that’s probably why the farm puts up with them. They really were comical and fun. On the way out we even ran into an illegal alien. We weren’t sure exactly which species it belonged to, but maybe they were worried about UFOs back then too.

All in all it was a great place to visit. Here’s the website to Quiet Valley to check for future events.

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