Iron Heritage Festival in Danville

Civil-War-SoldiersDanville Pennsylvania held it’s Iron Heritage Festival a couple of weeks ago. It was a celebration of the Iron Age. The first Iron Foundry was established in Danville, back in 1829.
The festival was nice and Danville had some interesting spots. There were lot’s of folks in period costumes running around, which I really love. The Civil War soldiers were there. The only problem I had, was that they were stationed in a small field at the High School. So every shot had lot’s of cars in the background, you just couldn’t avoid them. Things like that bother me. It’s so out of character for the time. They really should consider a better place for them next year, the photographs would be much more realistic.
I really enjoyed the traveling band in their Civil War uniforms, they were great. There were many vendors, log cutting, iron making and a chuck wagon. There was plenty of food and crafts. I would like to go back when the place isn’t so crowed to see the rest of the town. They have a number of very old mansions that I need to see. It was just too busy to travel around too much. But I did manage to capture a couple of cool looking characters, a beautiful stream, an interesting old mansion and a very patriotic dog.
Unfortunately, for the folks in Danville, as you may have heard, a tragic suicide occurred. A troubled man decided to end it all by committing death by train. So a terrific sadness marred an otherwise wonderful and informative festival. But despite the tragedy Danville did a great job.

Here’s the link for the Iron Heritage Festival, so you can plan for next year.

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