Lipstick On A Pig


Well, we sure have heard a lot about those so-called classy pigs lately. Considering their usual environment, it came as a surprise to some people that pigs had such good taste. 
Some of us always knew it. 
But now it’s become common knowledge. 

Pigs love to look good. You can slop in mud and goop just so much. Then it’s time to get all fixed up with your prettiest shade of pink lipstick and hustle over to the next farm, pick up your lady friends and go out on the town. And there’s no shame in being a pig. They’re proud to be pigs. They know full well that lipstick would never change what they are. We all know there’re a lot of people we would love to change what they are, if it was as easy as wearing lipstick it would be great. But it’s not, unfortunately. Although, sometimes a new diet helps.

Another thing most people have never contemplated is that even pigs can be a little nasty to each other. 

Let’s listen to this hot babe tell her story:

“Yes, I’m a pig, but I do love lipstick. I think I look good in it. My girlfriends mock me. They’re can be so bitchy. They say mean things like,  “What do you think you are: a sexy movie star, a diva, a beauty queen?” I say “No, I don’t think that at all, I just like lipstick. See how much bigger my smile looks? Nice teeth too, pearly white. No one would ever guess I eat goop all day. I don’t care for mascara quite as much though. But lipstick is so ‘girly’. And I’m a girl.
And I look pretty in pink.”

If there is a moral to this story I guess we would have to say,
no matter how classy pigs look, they’re still pigs,
and eventually they’ll taste much better than they look. 
They are, after all, just bacon in the making.

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You can get Pig Bacon Greeting Cards, prints, and other gifts at Zazzle.


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