The Goose Must Die

National-Police-Force-BlogHerewith, a Sad Tale of a
Sad Capitalist Republic!

Capitalism is the goose that laid the golden egg.

And it has laid golden eggs right on schedule, every day. All who earned an egg rejoiced to have it and to share the benefits with their families. Everyone watched with thankful hearts as the eggs kept arriving and were given to those that never thought it could be possible that they would ever own a golden egg for themselves. 

Many people in the rest of the world have no eggs at all because they don’t have a goose that would produce eggs for them, so, of course, they’re very sad. Those that received the eggs would think of ways to get the goose to produce more eggs for all of the sad people in the world. 

But instead of patiently waiting as the goose laid enough eggs for everyone to enjoy, some became very angry. Not that they had to wait for an egg, but that anyone received an egg at all. The goose itself was actually blamed for causing the sadness in the world.
These people had a different solution for all of the sadness:


That’s right! No eggs, for no one!
Because it’s just not fair.
If everyone doesn’t have an egg, no one should have an egg, except for the people that came up with this solution. They would, of course, always have a large personal supply of eggs to
enjoy for themselves. But for the rest of the people in the world, eggs, especially golden ones, are now considered bad for them, and they have been outlawed. 

The anti-goose establishment, the ones that control the only stash of eggs left in the country, have won the day and their charismatic mesmerizing leader, the man with the knife, has warned us of the dangers that eggs pose for all of us small, unwashed, ignorant folks. And are you going to argue with him? Not with that knife in his hand. The curious thing is, we gave him the knife AFTER he said he would kill the goose.

So the question remains: 
Why did we give him the knife?

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