The One That Got Away

Tiger-LilyHere’s one of the Tiger Lilies that were not eaten by these demonized deer.

Mama-and-Baby-DeerAnd don’t give me any of that “sweet little Bambi” stuff either. Don’t let those big, adorable eyes fool you.
These creatures are EATING MACHINES!!!!
You can’t stop them!
Those deer repellent products are all bull!!!
They eat and eat and eat.
They don’t even run away anymore when a car is coming!
They look right at you and dare you to hit them.
They have NO FEAR!!!
Because they know you’re all suckers. This syrupy, obnoxiously gooey excuse of a society thinks they’re so adorable.
Driveway-DeerLook at them here, do you see any fear in their eyes. Look at this guy sitting down sunning himself, he’s LITERALLY!!! sitting at my garage door.
Look at them with their babies, they look so loving.
Well they’re not!!!
Eating-DeerThey’ll run away and leave that poor little thing scared out of it’s wits if they ever do sense fear, which I’ve already made the case they rarely do. (You can see how this works on this post.)
Here we have proof that they’re all EATING MACHINES!!! See him eat MY PROPERTY!!! Eat and eat and eat.
Deer-Butt-1Look at him looking back at me. You know what he’s thinking? He’s thinking “What are you gonna do about it? Nothing! Do you know why? Because you think I’m cute and you need some pictures. So you just keep snapping away and I’ll keep eating everything in sight, and we’ll both be happy.”
But this voracious creature forgot one.
The One That Got Away!
A beautiful Tiger Lily survived the massacre and will get to bask in the sunshine for another day.

Shoot-Me-Deer Freedom-Deer Deer-Butt-2

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