Faces From The Folk Festival

Cow FaceKutztown, PA had their annual Pennsylvania Folk Festival.
We haven’t been there in years and it has grown quite large. It’s seems to be mostly an eating event, people like to eat. There were some cool looking characters and nice people who let mw take their pictures. They look even better with the color desaturated.
Also there were lot’s of crafters, and of course farm animals. Not as many as I would have liked, but they were cute. I couldn’t help but notice, they seemed to be as afraid of the world as most people are, if they were honest enough to admit it.
A cool distillery was opened with great brew, and the ox was cooked. If it turned out to be all too much for you and you had a heart attack or something fatal like that, they were prepared to take you out in style, in a see-through hearse.
And of course, regardless of the old-fashioned nature of the event, some folks just can’t live without their cell phone.

The Mayor Engine Man Guitar Man





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