Only in America!

Hillary Snake CaricatureOnly in America!

Only in America can a Marxist, criminal from Arkansas be considered the top choice to be president. Hillary Clinton has one of the most corrupt pasts in politics. She has lied, cheated, stolen, and destroyed all who got in her way, to get to the top.
She’s been declared the “smartest woman in the world.”
What has she done that’s smart?
The Whitewater Scandal? Cattle futures? Right wing conspiracies? Staying married to a rapist? Forgetting everything she ever did in her entire life when questioned under oath?
How about her reign as Secretary of State? Reset with Russia? That worked out well. Iraq is blowing up? Iran is plotting to destroy us. Afghanistan is a disaster. Africa is a powder keg. Oh my mistake, it blew up already and killed our people. But what difference does it make after all, they were only human lives. Maybe the hashtags the White House is putting out will scare the willies out of the terrorists.

Does anyone even remember a guy named Billy Dale? Look him up. Travelgate was one of the stupidest scams a person could pull. But the smartest woman in the world pulled it. In the process Hillary Clinton tried to destroy Dale, who did nothing wrong. A jury found him not guilty in less than two hours. But that wasn’t enough for the Clintonistas. Then they sent the IRS sent after him. Sound familiar? Marxists/Fascists always use the same techniques.
Hillary Clinton's AmericaThis woman has no conscience.
It’s like their former friend Jim McDougal, of Whitewater fame, said, the “Clintons are like a tornado going through people’s lives, destroying whatever they touch.” When they leave everything is in rubbles.
America is called the land of the free and the home of the brave. Which fits the Clintons perfectly. They want everything for free and are brave enough to steal it. Some Americans even feel privileged to pay for them. They’re thieves, how stupid are we to adulate them?
It looks like this country may stupidly vote for another Marxist even after Obama and his Marxist/Fascist policies have destroyed the country. Sometimes the late night comedians prove to be the smartest, especially when they do the ‘man on the street interviews’. Not only do they prove the ignorance of the public, they prove that too many are nothing but liars and terrible citizens.
Is that harsh? What else can you say? Oh I know…
“What difference, at this point in time, does it make.”
Yep, Hillary has us right. No one cares at all as long as they get their free stuff from the government.
Oh, and we’ll get another first. The first woman president. America loves ‘firsts’. But these two infamous firsts in a row that will prove to be the demise of the American Republic.
But who really cares?

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