Driftwood And Rocks At The Francis E. Walter Dam

Dragon Driftwood Blog
Dragon Driftwood

Francis E. Walter Dam is located at 2488 F.E. Walter Dam Road, White Haven, PA 18661.
The lake it forms above the dam changes from time to time. Sometimes the water is held back and the area is completely filled almost up to the road. But when the water is released there are great finds. The driftwood at one time was unique. Thankfully I got some cool shots before…before some clown came in with a chainsaw and cut the great driftwood you see here to shreds. I really would like to get my hands on this character. There aren’t all that many unique places around me and I really loved it here. So you can imagine what I’d like to do with his chainsaw.

Spider Driftwood
Spider Driftwood

I’ve include the sad picture of the Spider Driftwood below, after the Chainsaw Massacre got through with it.
Also as you go further down the path you can get practically to the very bottom of the lake floor. Looking up there are huge boulders. Taken from this angle it “almost” looks like you’re out west. But I do love rocks, big rocks, and there is a huge variety of them here. It reminds me that “The Lord is the Rock of my salvation.” A very good reminder, especially when I think of chainsaw boy, I must remind myself to be merciful and stop thinking like Dexter.

You can get Spider Driftwood and Dragon Driftwood at Zazzle.


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