The Nasty Lions Club

Nasty Lions Blog

A Public Service Bulletin From
The Nasty Lions Club:

The Nasty Lions Club is the nation’s most revolting assembly. They’re nasty and don’t care what anyone thinks of them. They speak their mind whenever they feel like it. They especially speak against the politicians frequently because politicians really get them mad. And the club doesn’t care about their feelings. They think the politicians should jump off of a cliff, we’d all be better off. If you don’t agree with them, too bad.

Let’s listen to the chairman explain their organization:

“Everyone has heard of The Happy Lions Club, you know, 
that bunch of do-gooders, right?
Well that’s not us. We’re The Nasty Lions Club!
You want good deeds don’t look at us.
Why you ask? Simple…we don’t care.
You need something…get it yourself.
Yeah that’s right, we’re nasty.
What are you going to do about it?
Whatever it is, we don’t care.
We’re not interested in paying it forward, or paying it back,
we don’t think we should pay anything at all.
Yeah, that’s right, we’re nasty.

We don’t like to be irritated and lot’s of things have irritated us lately. We don’t like that and think it should stop. We think the government should make it stop. If they can’t make it stop what good are they? No good at all. We want a new law passed to make all of the irritation go away. We want everyone to cut the crap! We don’t like crap. We want it outlawed and if it’s not outlawed we’re going to get even nastier. We don’t know what that means yet, our committee has to discuss it, if they’re not too cranky that day. But it probably won’t be very good. It definitely will be nasty,
but everyone will deserve it anyway.

See our clubhouse, it looks nasty doesn’t it? You know why? We don’t care, that’s why. We like it this way, it doesn’t irritate us, we don’t like to be irritated…oh yeah, I said that already. By the way, we’re looking for more members. If you find that most things and people irritate you lately, come and see us. If you don’t annoy us too much we’ll consider you for membership.

So, you can see that we don’t care if anyone has a good day or not. We think that expression is irritating and should go away.
Have whatever kind of day you feel like having.
Most days suck anyway.”

Well, that certainly was a mouthful. A nasty mouthful, but definitely a mouthful. We can see why this guy is in charge. Who knows what he’d do if he was voted out.

But if you’re inclined to join this nasty group, you can get The Nasty Lions Club t-shirt, cards, stickers and more at Zazzle.

I wonder what their secret member hand signal would be? Hmmm…

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