Our Government At Work

Government At Work CardOur government has always worked hard ‘for us’. Don’t you think?
From paying to find out how fast ketchup flows out of the bottle, to protecting little bugs from the evil humans, to paying for all forms of other people’s immorality and the results of it. Yes sir, our government has tried more and more, since at least the early 1900’s, to make sure they have everything covered that could possibly come up.
We need to be cared for, apparently, since we don’t have a brain in our heads. (Well that might be true because of the education system today.)
But we’ve never seen anyone work as hard as our current president. He knows what’s best for us. He does, really. He tells us that all the time so it must be true.
While many of us have noticed that he’s never had a job, produced a product, and seems to be proud of being a rabble-rouser, the country thought otherwise. They thought “This no-nothing is really cool. Yep, he’s the one for us. He’s just like us.” They also thought “He’s going to pay my mortgage, and put gas in my car, and get me a brand spanking new kitchen.” They also thought, “If I don’t want to work, I don’t have to, I can follow my dream, and sit on the couch playing video games for the rest of my life, cause I’m inspired.”
It is such a strange phenomena that has occurred. If we think we should not pay for some else’s, gas, kitchen, mortgage, babies, cars, cell phones, and lot’s more, we have now been designated as RACISTS.
Remarkable turn of events. I never knew I was a racist. But now I know that a lot of terrible names apply to me because my cool president has said so.
Government TaxesNow here is a graphic of fraction of the things we have to pay for and do you know what my cool president says to the taxpayers? He says “You’re not paying your fair share.” Really! He says that all the time. You must have heard him. He wouldn’t lie because he’s cool.
Well, like I said he’s working harder and harder, much harder than any president before him to make sure that the few people left that actually produce a product or service for their neighbor, eventually, are unable to continue and then he will take care of them too, if they voted for him.
He really is a cool president.
This can only get better!

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