Cool Old Trains at Kempton

Kempton Caboose1-BlogTook a short trip to Kempton, Pennsylvania to see a nice slice of history. Great trains have been restored and the work goes on. I wasn’t disappointed this time. But I must go back again, maybe in the fall for a ride through the autumn foliage. I been experimenting with different filters and learning new things in Photoshop and used a few here. Now, as I’m learning too many things to remember, I want to go back for some more exciting positions.
The volunteers that work to restore this part of railroad history have done a great job. It’s only open on the weekends but it’s worth it scheduling the time, and kids would probably love it. Too much history has been lost on our swift excursion into the future. New gadgets are great, but the old gadgets and machines have a charm that is quickly being lost.
Kudos to the hard-working crew of volunteers for preserving the Wanamaker, Kempton & Southern Railroad. Hope to see them again soon!

Here’s the link to the Wanamaker, Kempton & Southern Railroad.

Kempton_Station Caboose_3Ticket_OfficeTrain_65Caboose_2

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