Commandments Of God Officially Outlawed

ObamaCare BlogNow that all of the Commandments of God have been officially outlawed, what’s the administration’s next step? They’re already suing nuns, will they corral up all of the Christians next and execute us? I don’t mean the goofy kind of Christians that jump out of their seats every time T.D.Jakes comes up with another useless, self-serving platitude. I mean those that still preach and teach the forgiveness of sins for the sake of Christ.
ObamaCare CardSince all sin is okey-dokey with Obama and enshrined in Obamacare as well as the rest of our laws, what’s he going to do with real Christians that still call sin what it is, sin?
Obama can do whatever he wants. No one will stop him. Scary! Hitler had that power, so did Stalin and Lenin, and so did Mao. They literally created an inferno, killing millions of their own people. It’s not looking good for a country when it is made to pay for killing, lying, stealing, immorality, and coveting. When these things are forced on us and we say “Sounds good to me”, we’re done as a people. If killing, lying, stealing, immorality, and coveting are National Policy, then those that confess them as sin, are enemies of the state.
When they come for your neighbor will you defend them?
Did you take note after the marathon how the people of Boston were forced out of their homes with their hands on their heads and guns in their backs by our government? They had no right to do that. But everyone went along with it.
A very evil man, Adolf Hitler, had it right when he said, “How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think.”
Sounds about right.

2 thoughts on “Commandments Of God Officially Outlawed

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  1. Amen. lol TD Jakes is no prophet of God. Catch him with Oprah promoting his new book on “instincts”… it’ll make you vomit. And yes, those silly and goofy churchy folk came along with him.

    1. I did see that and did react the same way. Personal Power has replaced preaching Repentance and Faith in Jesus Christ. Thanks for visiting and best wishes to you.

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