The Pigeons Have Come Home To Roost

Cow and Pigeons-BlogAll along we thought the expression was “The chickens have come home to roost.” But now we know how wrong we’ve been. Here we have clear proof that it’s not chickens at all but pigeons. Who knew? Well apparently we didn’t, but now we do. It’s good to get our expressions correct, because they have specific meanings.

It used to mean something like “the evil that we do comes back to get us.” But that was when we thought it was about chickens. Chickens are nothing like pigeons so it can’t mean the same thing.
However we do all know the mess that pigeons make. One might wonder, “Does the cow mind all of these pigeons climbing all over him?” And the answer would be no, because he’s not real. He just stands there in this store all year long, looking really big, watching. Just watching all of his domain. He may work for the government for all we know. But the pigeons come and go. Well, they probably “go” a lot more since we all know that’s what pigeons do, all over the place.
Cow and PigeonsPigeons always look so busy as if they actually have a goal, a plan. But after observing them for some time, we realize they have no idea at all what they’re doing, they just walk over here, and then walk back over there, and then they do it all over again. Sometimes when my back is bad and I take Percocet that’s exactly what I do.
So, in conclusion I’ve determined what their problem is: they’re stoned. All along we thought this was normal behavior for pigeons but now we know the truth, they don’t carry messages at all, they carry drugs, and sometimes they use them, that’s why they just keep walking around erratically. And who could prove otherwise. Hmmm?
All this time the government has been fighting the war on drugs in Mexico and South America. They really should keep a sharp eye on these pigeons and their close proximity to children, because children are strange enough all on their own.

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