Government Schizophrenia

One Way BlogThe government was all for going one way before they didn’t want us to enter at all.
That sounds about right for this administration.
Obama sounds outraged at every awful event that has happened on his watch, which he is also responsible for. It’s as if he has a personality disorder. We really don’t know who’s crazier, him or the American people for voting for him twice and still thinking he makes any sense at all. There is absolutely no sense coming from anyone in this administration. They have come to destroy all the benefits that they have enjoyed throughout their lives.
Is that evil or demented or both?
Calling them schizophrenics is the best construction one could say about this whole totalitarian mob that’s ruling us today. The real problem is that our government was not made for rulers. “WE THE PEOPLE” are the rulers, that’s what is known as American Exceptionalism, we don’t have a king listed in the Constitution.
Government SchizophreniaSo why are we reducing ourselves to serfdom?
We should all get our heads examined. First to find out if there is any brain matter left in them. Sometimes, if you’ve a car accident and get whiplashed it can leak out through your ears when you turn on your side. It really does explain a lot. I’ve seen this happen. Second we must find out if we have the ability to analyze the information that we take in. If we’ve whipped our heads too often we may not be able to think anymore at all. There may be nothing but goo left in there.
Something is surely out of whack.
Ultimately we must ask ourselves,
“Do we really want these people running our healthcare?
Just like the VA Hospitals, they’ll probably run it right into the ground.
We’re so screwed!

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