Sick Of Everything?

Sick Monster BlogSick Of Everything?
This guy sure is. Just listen to him, he’s had it up to here (I’m holding my hand up to my forehead).

“Yes! Yes I am!
I’m sick of EVERYTHING!
And I don’t need no doctor!
What are they going to do for me? NOTHING!
Screw them!
They just want my money anyway.
They’re just like the government! Thieves!
They make me so mad!
Do they have a pill for that?
No? Then screw them! Screw them all!
I’m sick of EVERYTHING!”

Sick Monster CardWhew! That little tirade was rough.
Just remember this mad little terror was once a kind, normal, next door neighbor just like you. What could have possibly made him into this spitting mad monster?
Well, he seems slightly perturbed about the government, and who could blame him. They really are thieves. He also didn’t seem too fond of doctors. Well have you ever gotten the billlllsssss from an emergency room? Yeah, really! Especially when you’ve been completely misdiagnosed? Yeah, really! It can make you spitting mad as well as broke.
But I’ll bet if we listened in much longer his list would have grown exponentially.
At this point we should just back away from him, give him his space, stop texting to see if he’s any better, and maybe he’ll calm down. I’m sure he’ll return to some form of normalcy in time. Whatever that means.
That is if no one else makes him mad.

But your friends may relate to Sick Monster and appreciate a sympathetic card from you. Get them here.

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