Life Is Just A Good Bowl Of Cereal!

Good Cereal BlogTime marches on and cereal gets soggy real fast. Some like it that way. If you have no teeth it works out great, or even if you have a gum infection. Not everyone likes cherries. And if you have a gum infection, life certainly would never be considered a bowl of cherries, they’re just too hard. But a bowl of cereal would at least be a great substitute after it soaks in milk for a couple of minutes.
Good Cereal PostcardLife is like that. Sometimes it’s soggy, and sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes it really sucks.
But then there’s frosted flakes. They really are great. I would eat them even with a gum infection.
I really have no idea where I’m going with this, but I managed to catch my husband finishing his delicious bowl of cereal (or maybe it was oatmeal which would be really great if you have no teeth or a gum infection), and got a cool shot. I can’t remember exactly what he said, since he had no shirt on, but it probably wasn’t very nice anyway.

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