The National Brotherhood of Swine United Against Intolerance!

Pig-Out BlogThe National Brotherhood of S.U.A.I has untiringly fought the battle against the svelte inhabitants of this planet because they’re too skinny and just too nasty.

Listen to one of our abused members
tell his sad story of prejudice…

Yeah, that’s right, I’m a pig. So what?
It was good, there was a lot of it, and I ATE IT ALL. Thanksgiving Dinner. Ahhh!!! I could eat turkey every day of the week. And I could eat a lot of it and ALL of the trimmings. And I don’t feel an ounce of guilt or shame over it. But people have said some terrible things to me about my shape and size. What do they want… “I’m a pig,” I tell them. It’s as if they have no compassion or empathy at all.
One even suggested stomach stapling.
STOMACH STAPLING? “I’m a pig! And I ‘want’ to eat a lot. Why would I want my stomach stapled?” I may not be the brightest pig in the sty, but wouldn’t that make my stomach smaller?
I want it enlarged, not shrunk.
Pig-Out CardI love to eat and I’m comfortable in my own body. The sanctimonious crowd may not be comfortable with eating this much, but I say, “Good! More for me. Now get out of the way before I staple your mouth shut.”
“Just pass the turkey.”
“That stuffing doesn’t have bacon in it, does it? Then again, don’t tell me.”

What a sad story.
Thankfully The National Brotherhood of SWINE United Against Intolerance is on the job.

Support us today. Send us a donation today and join our fight…we promise we won’t spend it on pie.

Show how much you care by wearing Pig-Out t-shirts and sending these sympathetic cards to your anti-svelte friends.

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