Vintage Town Still Stays Beautiful

Vintage Town BlogWinter may be gone but Jim Thorpe, PA  looks cool any time of year. It’s a quaint, colorful, old town nestled in the Pocono Mountains. I wish I could say all of the Poconos was beautiful, but it’s not. More and more garbage is being dumped everywhere. We can’t pick it up fast enough. Some even drive to the area just to dump. But there is still pride in the community of Jim Thorpe. It’s clean, kept up and entertaining. Photographers can go back over and over and get new photos. I sincerely hope the people love being photographed. It really is their own fault for looking so darn cool. Imagine living there if you’re a private person. Maybe not the right place for someone like that.

Winter in Town CardThe rest of the Poconos should take note and keep the appearance of their towns up. The age we live in is strange, everyone thinks they’re owed something and someone should clean up after them, and pay for their existence. But that’s all wrong. The government has set the tone for this bad song. We could correct it. People used to clean up after themselves, and not let their abodes decay. It was a good practice and should be recovered.

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Here are some more shots of Main Street, Christmas, and Fall in Jim Thorpe.

Jim Thorpe Gazebo Jim Thorpe Christmas Jim Thorpe Inn Jim Thorpe Main Street

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