Is Bigfoot Real?

Yes He Is And We Have Proof!

Despite the many crackpots and their ludicrous claims of seeing Bigfoot hiding here and hiding there, turning up in mother’s bedroom, or lurking out back in the outhouse, it turns out they really are real, the crackpots were right, and now we have the proof. (We should stop mocking them now, mocking people isn’t very nice anyway.)

After studying this species quite a bit here is what we’ve learned:this is a species that is highly intelligent but with lots of free time on their hands. They seem to have one goal…to make people more delusional than they were before they spotted them. The government took note of this characteristic and recruited them to  gather information against dissenters, especially those that run for higher public offices. They were made government agents and sent to spy on the citizens. Of course, if someone claims they saw one, it makes the public think they’re mental.

Apparently having the NSA listening in on our conversations, reading our text messages, following us on the internet just wasn’t enough. They needed more control over us but wanted it kept secret. So the FBI and CIA got in on the act but they’re determined to make us all think we’re delusional. “Why would we spy on you? It’s so Big Brotherish, who could believe such nonsense?” (I think President Trump can.) Mocking the citizens has become a daily exercise from the elite Washington Swamp these days.

Lucky for them this species has been in dispute for some time. While they love to have their picture taken, it must be far enough away that the photograph can be considered dubious at best, that’s why they generally seem so blurry (generally, but I was lucky this day). Naturally the photographer would be considered unstable, or so the FBI would tell us (and we know they never lie). Lately this species has been filmed laughing hysterically over this situation with Putin, no less. Well, now we know they’re RUSSIANS.

Our government must pay very well, much better than the private sector. Most of our politicians are able to become millionaires on the salary we give them. It’s amazing how proficient they are with our money. Understandably so, since they can take all the money they want from the citizens through taxes and no one can do a thing about it, and most ‘public servants’ never get fired. 

So it’s understandable that the Bigfoot community would jump at the chance to become their agents. Job security is very important. The government pays them billions to spy on us and report back all  that they’ve observed. Their covert sting operations are amazingly intricate…no…not really…they just read the Washington and New York newspapers and then they go to a FISA judge and get a warrant based on the information they read.
(These judges must be easily fooled, considering they probably read the same newspapers.)

But what can we learn from this discovery? 
What is Congress and the ‘Intelligence Community’ trying to tell us?

“Don’t mess with us if you want to live!”

Yes, that seems to be the message said in many different ways everyday by our Congress and ‘Intelligence Community’ to the citizens, they even say it to the President Trump. (By the way, don’t you just crack up laughing when they’re referred to as ‘intelligent’?
I know I do. Crooked, yes, intelligent, no. Our esteemed Senator from New York told us “they have six ways from Sunday to get back at you.” Yikes! That sure doesn’t sound good.)

So this once great Republic of the People, by the People, and for the People, now lives and serves the ‘Swamp Dwellers’ in Washington D.C. or that ‘Sunday’ thing kicks in.

How does one live well in a day such as ours?
By obedience and submission!
It’s the only way.

So don’t waste your breath with the greeting “Have a good day”.
It doesn’t matter.
Just say, “Have a day.”
It’s the best we can hope for.

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