Sometimes The World Can Be A Scary Place

Baby Deer
Baby Deer Card

In a day when everyone must be positive and happy, this poor little guy would disagree.
Sometimes hiding is your best option.
One day this baby and it’s mother were in my backyard and I ran to get my brand new camera, though I didn’t have a clue about how to use it. Unfortunately, the mama heard me and ran away as fast as she could. The baby dropped to the ground paralyzed. I thought “What the heck did I do?”
So I ran out front and saw her across the street and yelled at her to get back her and protect her baby. Of course she ignored me.
Then I saw the baby was still in the same spot. This went on for some time. So I decided to get some pictures anyway. I just kept approaching closer and closer snapping away as I thought it would bolt at any second. But no, it just laid there. I got within inches of this thing. It was so scared and panting as if it would have a heart attack any moment. I told it to “stop breathing so hard since the movement would not make a good picture. I just wanted a few shots and I’ll be out of here before you know it.” Of course it didn’t listen to me either, it was just like it’s mother.
Considering I had no idea of how to use the camera at the time, I think the pictures came out pretty good. Unfortunately, the baby had other thoughts and continued to lay there.
I thought, “Oh crap! Did I make the mother abandon this poor thing?” It stayed there for about four hours before the mother came and got it. Later on I learned this was a defense mechanism. The mother runs away from a predator which is supposed to chase her. In this way the baby is protected.
Well, look, no one gave me that memo.

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