Dark Alley Terrorism Confirmed!

Bowling Alley Terror Card
Bowling Alley Terror Card

Bowling Alley Terror HeaderThis is a real phenomena. It should not be taken lightly and we really shouldn’t make fun of it. It’s been known for years but never proved. But now, thanks to modern technologies (phone cameras) we’ve got bona fide proof. Bowling Alleys are no place for anyone to hang out, especially after dark. Here we see firm evidence of extreme violence happening every single day in dark alleys across our fair land. C’mon people, we’re better than this! We must change if we are to survive as a society.
For the public good BOWLING BALLS SHOULD BE BANNED! The treatment of pinheads has simply become inhumane.
The F.B.I. (Federal Bowling Investigators) will continue their surveillance. Charges will probably be forthcoming.
Let’s all get together and support this cause. Contact your government representative and tell him to hold hearings on this matter. And you can show your support by wearing their shirts, buttons, and sending their cards to your favorite bowler.
Get Bowling Alley Terror gear here.
Tell the world, you think it’s time to be nicer.

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